Turkish armored vehicle to be produced in Hungary

Turkish armored vehicle to be produced in Hungary

Turkish defense manufacturer Nurol Makina has forged a strategic collaboration with Hungary’s Raba.

The heart of this partnership is the production of the Ejder Yalçın 4X4 tactical wheeled armored vehicle in Hungary. This milestone agreement includes the establishment of a joint venture named “Gidran” in Hungary, with production operations set to commence in Györ, Hungary.

gznAccording to local media, the decision to collaborate in armored vehicle production was underpinned by the exceptional performance of Nurol Makina’s armored vehicles within the Hungarian military.

Hungary’s Defense Minister, Kristof Szalay-Bobrovniczky, expressed his high level of satisfaction with the Turkish company’s products and identified Nurol Makina as the strategic partner of choice for meeting Hungary’s requirements for 4X4 armored vehicles.

This partnership represents a mutually beneficial agreement that underscores the trend of countries joining forces in the defense sector. It is not only about sharing technological prowess but also about optimizing production costs and enhancing defense capabilities. In this case, Turkey and Hungary are exemplifying how two nations can collaborate to achieve their military objectives while strengthening their ties.

Ejder Yalcin is a modular platform designed with high protection and mobility to meet the operational requirements of military units and security forces in various regions, including rural and urban areas. It features a V-shaped hull design, integrating floating floor plates and blast mitigation seating to provide protection against mines and IEDs. It can accommodate up to 11 personnel and carry a payload of up to 4 tons.

Under the scope of cooperation, it is expected that over 200 job opportunities will be directly created. Additionally, projects aimed at developing unique subsystems and technologies will be implemented in collaboration with partners, including Györ Szechenyi Istvan University and Hungarian defense industry companies within Raba.

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