Saudi industry to produce ALAKRAN mobile mortar systems

Saudi industry to produce ALAKRAN mobile mortar systems

NTGS and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) defense conglomerate ERAF announced a partnership agreement aimed at localizing the production and integration of the ALAKRAN mobile mortar system on a suitable vehicle platform within the KSA.

The agreement, signed by Juan Carlos Estrella, CEO of NTGS, and Fahad Al-Ameel, Vice-President of ERAF, signifies a strategic move in line with Saudi Vision 2030, aiming to enhance the economy by utilizing locally sourced parts and manpower. Under the agreement, ERAF will spearhead the local manufacturing process and exclusively market the ALAKRAN within the KSA, with the primary objective of supplying the KSA Armed Forces.

As noted by the company, the ALAKRAN is a versatile and resilient system, designed to address key tactical challenges encountered on the modern battlefield. With fully digital and automated features, the mortar system offers user-friendly operation and has proven its effectiveness across various operational environments, including urban, desert, forest, mountainous, and snowy terrain. Already deployed in several active conflict zones worldwide, the ALAKRAN demonstrates its combat-proven capabilities and adaptability.

One of the system’s notable features is its ability to be seamlessly integrated onto almost any 4×4 vehicle with a minimum 2-ton payload. Utilizing patented technological advancements, the ALAKRAN surpasses its competitors by delivering superior mobility, precision, accuracy, firepower, and crew safety.

NTGS Chairman, Julio Estrella, expressed optimism about the partnership, stating, “This agreement with ERAF marks a significant milestone for ALAKRAN in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are committed to leveraging local resources to further develop and manufacture the system, meeting the requirements of the Kingdom’s Armed Forces.”

Abdullah Al-Ameel, Chairman of ERAF, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the global demand and combat-proven track record of the ALAKRAN. He reiterated ERAF’s dedication to supporting the Kingdom’s vision by advancing the local defense industry through partnerships with innovative companies like NTGS.

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