WDS 2024: Monaco company MARSS displays RADIRguard AI-powered surveillance system

WDS 2024: Monaco company MARSS displays RADIRguard AI-powered surveillance system

At the World Defense Show 2024 (WDS 2024) in Saudi Arabia, MARSS, a Monegasque company specializing in defense and security technology, presented its RADIRguard. This AI-powered surveillance system is designed to replace traditional standalone perimeter security systems such as CCTV, detection sensors, and command and control units.

This AI-powered system aims to provide continuous monitoring, detection, tracking, and decision support for various critical locations, including government buildings, landmarks, military bases, and national borders. Integrated with MARSS’s NiDAR, the RADiRguard offers a comprehensive solution for command and control operations to enhance the protection of critical infrastructure and perimeters.

The RADiRguard system incorporates sensors for the detection and classification of threats before they reach a perimeter. Each RADiRguard unit combines radar, closed-circuit television (CCTV), and infrared (IR) capabilities, along with intelligent threat classification technology for identifying and assessing potential security risks. Variants include the RA 500, an all-in-one intelligent perimeter surveillance solution with a wired connection, and the RA 500 SOLAR, an all-in-one solar-powered intelligent perimeter surveillance solution with a wireless connection.

Powered by the NiDAR Core, the RADiRguard utilizes intelligence from various sources to deliver situational awareness. The NiDAR CORE can operate autonomously or in conjunction with other systems, aiming to protect lives, critical infrastructure, and assets. With NiDAR’s command and control interface, each RADiRguard unit utilizes AI to provide multi-domain information and threat recognition for effective decision-making.

Additional features of the RADiRguard system include an optical and infrared camera for enhanced classification, connectivity to countermeasures such as GPS jamming and access control, and modular capability for expanding capabilities. The system features intelligent radar for object tracking, integrated CCTV for continuous monitoring, and battery backup for operation in adverse weather conditions.

The RADiRguard continuously monitors ground activity, covering up to 25,000 m², providing reliable object detection and tracking. Objects are analyzed by artificial intelligence using various data sources, and once a threat is detected, the system alerts the operator and suggests countermeasures.

Technical specifications of the RADiRguard include AI classification capabilities for humans, vehicles, and animals, environmental standards compliant with IP67 and AECTP-200, and network connection options including wired and wireless. The user interface operates on NiDAR’s multi-touch command and control system, running on the Linux operating system.

The power supply is provided at 24VDC with a consumption of 60W, and installation options include mounting on a pole or wall. The off-grid option includes solar cells and a power backup generator. Other components include an optical camera, IR sensor, radar, and positioning features.

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