WDS 2024: Saudi company NCMS displays Moreb 3 RWS armed with M230LF 30mm chain gun

WDS 2024: Saudi company NCMS displays Moreb 3 RWS armed with M230LF 30mm chain gun

At the World Defense Show 2024 (WDS 2024) in Saudi Arabia, the National Company for Mechanical Systems (NCMS), based in Saudi Arabia, presented the Moreb 3 remote weapon station (RWS). The Moreb 3 features a two-axis stabilized turret equipped with an M230LF 30mm chain gun and an electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) targeting device that includes a laser rangefinder (LR). This system is designed to operate in both day and night conditions.

The Moreb 3, which had previously been unveiled at the WDS 2022 exhibition, incorporates a gyro-stabilized, remote control system. It is designed to mount a M230LF 30mm chain gun and can be fitted on a variety of platforms, including light and armored vehicles. This flexibility allows for a wide range of operational applications.

Technical specifications of the Moreb 3 include a weapon station that offers 2-axis gyro-stabilization, with an elevation range of -20° to 60° and an azimuth range of Nx360°. Its stabilization level is specified to be less than 0.5 mrad. The system can be configured with different armaments, including a standard M230LF 30mm chain gun, an M2 12.7mm machine gun, or an MK19 grenade launcher. The weight of the station, excluding weapons and munitions, is under 260 kg.

The M230LF is a modified version of the original M230 30mm chain gun, designed for use on light vehicles and small boats. This adaptation involves several significant changes to increase its compatibility with various platforms. The ammunition feed system has been modified from a linkless to a link feed mechanism, using standard US ADEN or DEFA ammunition links. This modification facilitates the use of a wider range of ammunition types. Additionally, the electrical system was converted to 24 V DC from the original 120 V 40-cycle AC to align with standard vehicle electrical systems.

Other modifications include the addition of an anti-hangfire system similar to that of the M242 Bushmaster 25mm chain gun, aimed at preventing misfires. The recoil and cannon mounting systems have also been redesigned to simplify the process of integrating the weapon into vehicle turrets, enhancing its adaptability to different platforms.

In terms of operational capabilities, the M230LF can utilize the M789 High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP) round, as well as the US M799 (HEI) and M788 (TP) rounds, in addition to all ADEN/DEFA ammunition types. These features, combined with a rate of fire of 200 rounds per minute and a muzzle velocity of 850 m/s, allow the M230LF to engage a variety of targets.

For operational safety, the Moreb 3 includes features such as configurable inhibition of fire zones to prevent discharge in restricted areas, a GPS system for location tracking, and compatibility with external C4I systems for data exchange. A ballistic calculator is integrated to improve firing accuracy.

The electro-optical systems of the Moreb 3 are comprised of an uncooled IR camera with a micro-bolometer LWIR detector, which offers a detection range of at least 8.5 km and an identification range of 2.0 km. The cooled IR camera features a 3rd Gen MWIR sensor with a detection range of at least 17.3 km and an identification range of 3.6 km. The Day Sight Camera (DSC) is equipped with a high-definition CMOS sensor, achieving a detection range of up to 15 km and an identification range of 8.4 km. The laser rangefinder (LRF) provides an accuracy of ± 5m, with a maximum range of 15 km and a programmable frequency of 1Hz to 10Hz.


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