South African and Saudi firms collaborate to enhance the military vehicle sector

South African and Saudi firms collaborate to enhance the military vehicle sector

OTT Technologies and ADG Mobility, two South African military vehicle manufacturers, have entered into a partnership with Rakaa Security and Military Supplies, a Saudi company specializing in the provision of security and military equipment to various governmental agencies in the kingdom. This partnership was announced at the World Defence Show (WDS) 2024, a global event highlighting the latest innovations and technologies in the defense sector.

The partnership aims to align with and facilitate Saudi Vision 2030, a national plan to diversify the economy, enhance social development, and strengthen security and stability in the region. Rakaa Security and Military Supplies, specializing in delivering security and military equipment to all Saudi governmental agencies, including different branches of the armed forces and police, aims to stay at the forefront of ongoing economic changes in the kingdom and the Gulf region, as well as on a global level.

As part of this partnership, the South African group will transfer technology and expertise to its Saudi partner and collaborate on new program developments, service life extension plans, and the localization of upgrade services and support for existing and legacy equipment. The partnership will also leverage the extensive design, development, testing, and manufacturing capabilities of the OTT Group, which includes OTT Technologies, ADG Mobility, and LMT Products.

The OTT Group is the largest 100% privately-owned military vehicle development and manufacturing entity in Southern Africa, with nearly 70 years of collective experience and a solid customer base in conflict zones worldwide. The group offers a range of specialized and mine-protected vehicles, specifically designed and built with the highest levels of protection and mobility, as certified by international standards and OEMs.

Among the group’s products are the Puma M36, a 4×4 MRAP vehicle with a long-term agreement with the UN that has shown excellent performance in UAE summer trials, and the LM13 Light Multipurpose vehicle, a 4×4 armored vehicle.

The partnering companies possess complementary skills, including engineering, simulation, prototype development, and advanced automotive and destructive testing.

Furthermore, they have capabilities in industrialization and manufacturing, coupled with an after-market support network and their reputation for advanced manufacturing. OTT Technologies is one of only three companies globally with a UN long-term agreement (LTA) for MRAP vehicles. Moreover, some of the company’s latest vehicles have been praised for their exceptional performance during grueling summer trials in the UAE.

ADG Mobility has formidable design, development, and testing capabilities, along with many significant global partnerships. Its product development experience spans multiple 4×4, 6×6, and several third-party 8×8 solutions.


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