Slovakia starts production of new AMV XP armored vehicles

Slovakia starts production of new AMV XP armored vehicles

The CSM Industry, a key player in Slovakia’s defense sector, announced the successful handover of cutting-edge Patria 8×8 AMV XP technology to the Slovak armed forces.

According to a press release from CSM, this transfer signifies a pivotal moment in Slovakia’s military modernization efforts, reflecting a strategic partnership between industry leaders and the government.

“High-quality production of this top technology is a top priority for us. We are proud of this significant production opportunity, as well as the opportunity to contribute to the safety of our Slovak army and effectiveness on missions at home and abroad,” said the company.

In August 2022, Slovakia inked an agreement with Patria for 76 AMV XPs, including combat vehicles, ambulances, and command units. This procurement initiative is slated for completion by 2027.

Moreover, the Slovak Ministry of Defense anticipates substantial domestic involvement in the AMV XP program, aiming for a minimum of 40% local industry participation. This collaboration not only empowers Slovakia’s defense sector but also signifies a landmark achievement in bolstering the nation’s production capacity.

Deputy Defense Minister Marian Majer emphasizes the dual significance of the Patria 8×8 AMV XP program, highlighting its pivotal role in enhancing defense capabilities while fostering indigenous production expertise. As Slovakia takes strides towards military modernization, the introduction of these advanced armored vehicles heralds a new era of strength and resilience for the nation’s armed forces.


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