Austria to receive newest German air defense systems

Austria to receive newest German air defense systems

Austria announced it had reached an agreement with German defense conglomerate Rheinmetall for short-range air defense turret systems.

The focus of this agreement lies in the deployment of the cutting-edge Skyranger turret air defense system, slated for delivery starting in 2026.

As part of this strategic initiative, Rheinmetall will collaborate with GDELS, which is tasked with upgrading Austria’s Pandur wheeled armored vehicles. The integration of the Skyranger turret onto 36 of Austria’s Pandur fleet vehicles will furnish them with a mobile air defense capability featuring advanced sensors and a potent 30mm automatic cannon coupled with guided missiles, including the Mistral.

Following a development contract with Hungary in December 2023, this order signifies a significant market breakthrough for the Skyranger system. Austria’s adoption of the Skyranger 30 air defense systems, mounted on the GDELS Pandur EVO, places the nation at the forefront of mobile ground-based air defense in Europe, signaling a pivotal moment in the continent’s security landscape.

Armin Papperger, Chairman of the Executive Board of Rheinmetall AG, expressed gratitude for Austria’s trust, highlighting the system’s potential to enhance air defense capabilities not only in Austria but also across Europe.

Rheinmetall has developed a specialized, lightweight version of the Skyranger 30 tailored for seamless integration into the GDELS Pandur, ensuring effective response to aerial threats while maintaining strategic mobility and operational autonomy.

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