Russian army receives new batch of BMP-1AM fighting vehicles

Russian army receives new batch of BMP-1AM fighting vehicles

Russia’s “Vysokotochnye kompleksy” (Precision Systems) Holding, a part of Rostec, has delivered another batch of upgraded “Basurmanin” BMP-1AM infantry fighting vehicles to the Russian army.

The BMP-1AM, modernized by the Vysokotochnye kompleksy Holding, underwent comprehensive refurbishment, with all major components and assemblies of the BMP-1 vehicles being fully repaired or replaced with new ones. This upgrade significantly improves the combat capabilities of the BMP, enhancing its mobility both on land and in water.

During the modernization process, each BMP-1AM underwent extensive testing, including firing at least 70 rounds from its 30-millimeter cannon in various modes and no fewer than 150 rounds from its machine gun.

A notable feature that sets the BMP-1AM apart from its predecessor is the replacement of the one-man turret with an autoloader, armed with the 73 mm Grom, by a weapon station similar to that of the Russian BTR-82A armored personnel carrier. This remotely controlled station, operated by the gunner from within the vehicle’s hull, boasts a 30 mm 2A72 autocannon as its main armament.

The 2A72 autocannon, a modified version of the 2A42 autocannon, fires 30×165 mm ammunition at a rate of 350 to 400 rounds per minute. Despite its firepower, the autocannon is remarkably lightweight, weighing only 84 kg. Its barrel, with a length of 2,416 mm, contributes significantly to the weapon’s durability and overall performance.

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