US Army successfully test new ALTIUS-700M suicide drone

US Army successfully test new ALTIUS-700M suicide drone

Anduril Industries has announced that the ALTIUS-700M loitering munition recently underwent rigorous testing at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, showcasing flawless system performance and precision strikes against various targets.

Colloquially called kamikaze drone or suicide drone, the ALTIUS series loitering munition, encompasses a range of missions from intelligence gathering to kinetic strikes. The 700M variant, boasting a payload capacity comparable to the AGM-114 Hellfire missile, delivers devastating blows to armored targets and infrastructure with its larger warhead and extended range of up to 100 miles.

Designed for expeditionary deployment across air, ground, or maritime platforms, the ALTIUS-700M combines industry-leading loitering time with advanced autonomy, enabling coordinated strikes and precise targeting without the need for laser designation. Its open hardware and software architecture allow for seamless integration with various payloads and mission software suites, providing operators with decisive control over mission execution.

Launched effects will bring a critical capability to the Army with advanced teaming between crewed and uncrewed systems to detect, identify, locate, and report pacing threats in contested environments. The transformational capabilities launched effects brings to large scale combat operations provide Corps, Division, and Joint commanders with effective and timely targeting, enabling fires and effects at the time and place of need.

According to a press release, ALTIUS-700M expands Anduril’s loitering munition offerings with a larger, penetrating warhead to kill or disable armored targets and infrastructure. With 33 pounds of munition payload capacity, 75 minutes of flight time, multi-domain launch capability, and advanced autonomy to execute coordinated strikes, ALTIUS-700M is the most lethal tactical loitering munition available today.

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