Israeli company develops new tactical all-terrain vehicle

Israeli company develops new tactical all-terrain vehicle

Israeli-based REGO Automotive has developed a new tactical all-terrain vehicle, called the PATROL-X.

As noted by the company, this new ground mobility vehicle represents a significant leap forward in off-road capabilities, designed to meet the evolving needs of special forces operations and the burgeoning market of off-road racing and motorsport enthusiasts.

The PATROL-X leverages cutting-edge off-road rally-grade design technologies, ensuring optimal performance in diverse terrain conditions. With a lightweight yet robust construction and a reinforced tube chassis, the vehicle offers enhanced maneuverability without compromising safety—a crucial aspect for military and civilian users alike.

A standout feature of the PATROL-X is its stealth capabilities, attributed to its low-noise and low thermal profile hybrid platform. This advanced technology enables operators to navigate undetected, crucial for conducting covert operations or evading enemy detection during critical missions.

The vehicle’s agility and speed make it a formidable asset on the battlefield, earning it the moniker of the “21st-century jeep.” Its swift deployment capabilities allow troops to outmaneuver adversaries during initial attacks, providing a tactical advantage by swiftly mobilizing forces before the enemy can respond with heavy weaponry.

Rego Automotive’s R&D center at Kibbutz Mahanayim situated near terrain frequently utilized by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for field training, the facility provides an ideal testing ground for prototypes, ensuring that each vehicle meets the rigorous standards demanded by real-world scenarios. This proximity to operational environments enables the Rego Automotive team to swiftly iterate on designs, incorporating feedback and refining performance to meet the evolving needs of military and civilian users.

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