Austria buys GRF vehicles for its special operations forces

Austria buys GRF vehicles for its special operations forces

Austria’s Ministry of Defense signed the contract with Netherlands-based Defenture for the delivery of a batch of GRF (Ground force) vehicles.

According to a press release, the new vehicles were acquired to replace the aging PUCH G 290/LP Sandviper of the Austrian Special Operations Forces (Jagdkommando).

The GRF vehicles, recognized for their agility, speed, traction, and payload capacity, offer Austria’s Jagdkommando a versatile platform tailored to their operational needs. Equipped with high ground clearance for extreme off-road capabilities and a specialized 4-wheel steering system, these vehicles prioritize both mobility and safety. The flexibility of the GRF platform allows for specific configurations and system integrations, ensuring adaptability to various mission requirements. Deliveries are scheduled to commence as early as 2024.

In a move to bolster support for the GRF vehicles, Defenture has partnered with Achleitner for lifetime maintenance and service support. This collaboration ensures that Defenture’s commitment to delivering top-tier military mobility and security is backed by a robust service infrastructure. The partnership extends beyond maintenance, encompassing system integration and further configuration development, underscoring the shared dedication to meeting the needs of Austria’s Ministry of Defence and the Jagdkommando.

Henk van der Scheer, CEO of Defenture, expressed pride in the partnership with the Austrian Ministry of Defence, emphasizing GRF’s status as a benchmark in the light tactical vehicle segment. The collaboration with Achleitner exemplifies Defenture’s commitment to forging international partnerships to mutual benefit.

As Military Off the Shelf (MOTS) mobility platforms, Defenture vehicles meet rigorous military standards while prioritizing mobility, safety, payload capacity, and modular design. Close cooperation with local partners ensures a comprehensive approach to manufacturing and support, with Defenture serving as a trusted partner for system integration, service, maintenance, driver training, and education.

As a Netherlands-based Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specializing in light tactical and air transportable vehicles, Defenture has established itself as a trusted mobility partner for Ministries of Defence across Europe, including those in the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland.

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