Elbit Systems Secures Contract for Red Sky Air Defense System

Elbit Systems Secures Contract for Red Sky Air Defense System

Elbit Systems announced on April 30, 2024, the acquisition of a contract valued at approximately $50 million for its air defense system, “Red Sky”™, from an undisclosed international client. The contract spans two years, marking a milestone for the Israeli defense technology sector.

The Red Sky system is a Tactical Very Short-range Air Defense (VSHORAD) System, carefully designed to effectively counter low-altitude aerial threats. Under the agreement, Elbit Systems will provide two Red Sky batteries, offering a solution that integrates both jamming and destruction defense capabilities.

One of the essential components of the system is the Redrone, an Electronic Warfare (EW) solution designed to detect, identify, locate, and neutralize Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). This advanced system includes DAiR Radar, Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) sensors, an RF jammer, and a COAPS-L electro-optical (EO) payload, ensuring comprehensive threat mitigation capabilities. Additionally, the Red Sky solution will incorporate anti-aircraft missile launchers, further enhancing its defensive capabilities.

Yehuda (Udi) Vered, General Manager of Elbit Systems Land, emphasized the importance of the Red Sky system in addressing the urgent need to protect borders and critical assets against various aerial threats while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Vered highlighted that the development of this innovative defense solution was made possible through close collaboration between different divisions within Elbit Systems, leveraging existing building blocks and integrating them into a cohesive and advanced system, featuring new anti-aircraft missiles and advanced jamming defense mechanisms.

The Red Sky 2 is an advanced air defense system designed to provide effective detection coverage within a radius of up to 1500 meters. It utilizes omnidirectional antennas and directional-panel antennas to continuously scan the airspace and detect emerging threats. With a 360-degree multi-directional detection capability, the system can detect targets in all directions, ensuring comprehensive protection against aerial threats.

Upon detecting a threat, the Red Sky 2 proactively triggers RF jamming to neutralize the threat. This reactive jamming is triggered by a detection system, ensuring a rapid and effective response to aerial attacks. Additionally, the system is equipped with voice and SMS alerts to inform operators in real time of detected threats.

In terms of durability, the Red Sky 2 is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions with its water-resistant Pelican outer casing. It also protects against interference from nearby frequencies.

The system combines powerful radar capabilities with advanced jamming technologies, offering a comprehensive solution to detect and neutralize aerial threats. Moreover, it enhances security by providing the ability to force the landing of unauthorized drones and neutralize them if necessary. With nearly zero false alarms and high operational flexibility, the Red Sky 2 allows for rapid deployment and continuous operation, 24/7, regardless of weather conditions. With its simple and efficient operation, it can be managed by a single operator, ensuring reliable and effective air protection.

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