Peru to get new wheeled armored vehicles from South Korea

Peru to get new wheeled armored vehicles from South Korea

Korean defense manufacturer Hyundai Rotem announced on Thursday that it had been chosen as the preferred bidder to supply 30 K808 White Tiger wheeled armored vehicles to Peru.

The deal, valued at approximately 82.8 billion won ($601.6 million), is set to be finalized later this month, with STX Engine serving as the main contractor for the project. Hyundai Rotem will supply the vehicles to the Peruvian Army, enhancing Peru’s military capabilities.

If the agreement is formalized, it will represent Korea’s inaugural export of armored vehicles to Latin America, signaling a new chapter in defense cooperation between the two regions.

The K808, designed for rapid troop deployment and reconnaissance missions in front-line areas, offers advanced mobility and protection. It replaces the K511A, previously used by the Korean Army.

This development follows a recent contract signed by Korean shipbuilder HD Hyundai Heavy Industries to construct four warships for the Peruvian Navy, underscoring Korea’s expanding presence in the Latin American defense market.


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