Armor Kovico introduce two variants of KPMV heavy armored vehicle

Armor Kovico introduce two variants of KPMV heavy armored vehicle

At the DSA 2024 exhibition held in Malaysia, the South Korean manufacturer Armor Kovico showcased the variants of its APC, the KMPV, which was initially introduced in 2020. Armor Kovico, originally an automotive parts and armored vehicles supplier, has leveraged its decades of experience in assembling truck hulls and APCs to develop its own modular troop transport platform.

The KMPV was first revealed in 2020 as a 4×4 transport vehicle designed to protect its passengers from explosions. Since then, it has gained some media attention in its home country, although it remains relatively lesser-known outside South Korea.

Like other vehicles in its class, the KMPV features a monocoque hull on a 4×4 chassis with independent suspension. It is important to highlight that the KMPV is explosion-resistant. Weighing 12 tons when fully loaded, it is lighter than the typical 13 to 15 tons of contemporary mine-resistant trucks.

Armor Kovico ensures that the entire vehicle is protected against gunfire up to 7.62×51 AP /30-06 AP and up to STANAG II+ for mine protection, which equates to survives the force and shockwaves of up to 6 kilograms of high explosives.

In terms of mobility, the KMPV is powered by a 270 horsepower turbo diesel engine and has a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour. It can effectively climb a 60% grade, cross a 30% side slope, and ford water obstacles up to four feet deep.

In its original variant, the KMPV can accommodate 10 people, with six entering through a rear swinging door. A circular hatch on the roof provides a space for observation or fitting armaments. Machine guns remain a favorite among trucks, and the KMPV can support all known calibers. It has been tested with a remote weapon station equipped with a heavy M2 .50 machine gun. An automatic grenade launcher or even a heavy 14.5 mm machine gun are options for mounting on the roof of the KPMV cabin. At DSA 2024, two variants with the same technical characteristics but more specialized were presented.

One is the KMPV MPV for multi-purpose vehicle, designed to transport wounded, cargo, or personnel and is particularly modular for easy conversion.

The second variant is the KMPV launcher presented by Armor Kovico, which replaces the rear compartment of the vehicle with a 120mm mortar tube. Although the front compartment is apparently reinforced and still capable of transporting 4 crew members and their equipment, the rear is entirely dedicated to the launcher.

Currently, no information is available on the firing rate, type of launcher, range, and reload times on this variant.

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