Close-up photo shows China’s new EW vehicle

Close-up photo shows China’s new EW vehicle

Recent close-up photographs have surfaced on social media, revealing details of China’s latest Electronic Warfare (EW) systems mounted on 6×6-wheeled armored vehicles.

These images, shared by military observer Jesus Roman, showcase the new capabilities of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in electronic warfare.

The photos show the advanced EW systems on Dongfeng Mengshi CTL181A armored vehicles. These systems are reportedly designed to utilize ultra-short-wave interference, enhancing the PLA’s ability to disrupt enemy communications and intelligence.

The system comprises multiple components, including two deployable antenna vehicles, two deployable short mast vehicles, and a Command and Control vehicle. This configuration suggests a sophisticated setup for comprehensive electronic warfare operations.

One notable feature of the system is the use of two telescopic masts. These masts are capable of monitoring and direction-finding within the VHF, UHF, and SHF spectrums. This capability indicates the system’s role in communications electronic support measures (ESM), enabling it to identify and locate enemy transmissions effectively.

Electronic warfare systems like this play a crucial role in modern military operations. They are designed to disrupt radar systems and interfere with adversaries’ communication, navigation, and intelligence-gathering capabilities. By deploying such systems, the PLA aims to maintain a strategic edge in contested regions.

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