Walther Signs Contract with Germany to Equip Special Forces with New Pistol

Walther Signs Contract with Germany to Equip Special Forces with New Pistol

The German Special Forces have selected the Walther PDP pistol, designated P14, as their new sidearm. The standard version will be delivered in FDE (Flat Dark Earth) and equipped with the Aimpoint ACRO sight. Another more compact version, also designated P14, has been chosen by the German authorities.

The PDP, manufactured by Carl Walther GmbH, was selected by the German Armed Forces to equip both the Navy’s Special Forces Command (KSM) and the Army’s Special Forces Command (KSK). The PDP, chambered for the 9x19mm cartridge, will replace the Glock 17 and Heckler & Koch P30. The selection process, which included a year of rigorous testing, concluded that the PDP, coupled with the ACRO sight, met the high standards required.

Germany will receive the PDP in two versions: the standard P14 and the more compact P14K. The acquisition plan includes up to 3,200 standard units with accessories and up to 3,300 compact units with accessories. Additionally, around 1,500 units will be adapted for training and simulation purposes.

The P14K, the compact variant, will enhance the operational capabilities of the KSM and KSK. This pistol features an ergonomic frame designed for comfortable and effective handling in various situations. It includes a lower funnel for quick magazine changes, a front rail for attaching lighting or aiming modules, and a longer barrel with a muzzle brake for attaching a silencer.

The new pistol also includes higher conventional sights for use with the silencer, as well as the innovative Aimpoint ACRO red dot sight. This robust sight is designed for demanding environments, allowing operators to perform in arid regions, underwater, or in extreme cold conditions.

The Walther PDP (Performance Duty Pistol) was introduced by Walther Arms in 2021 as an evolution of their PPQ pistol line, a series that had received very positive reviews but had not managed to dominate the market. The PDP was designed to address this gap with particular attention to the needs of law enforcement and civilian users, especially those seeking ergonomic and optics-ready handguns​​.

The PDP was designed with notable improvements over previous Walther models. Innovations include new “super terrain slide serrations” for better grip when racking the slide, and a new “performance duty texture” on the handle for optimal adhesion. A key feature of the PDP is its optics-ready capability, responding to the growing trend of users who prefer red dot sights on their handguns​​.

Since its launch, the PDP range has expanded to include several variants, such as the PDP Compact and PDP Full Size, each available in different barrel lengths (4 inches, 4.5 inches, and 5 inches). These models are designed to be modular and suitable for various applications, including defensive use and competition. In 2022, Walther introduced competition-oriented versions like the PDP SD Pro, and variants suited for smaller hands with the PDP F-Series​​.

The introduction of the PDP into the German Special Forces is an interesting development for Carl Walther GmbH. This company has seen its market share decline in recent decades but has recently experienced a resurgence of interest, particularly for its Walther PDP, which the Pennsylvania State Police have also acquired in the United States. This decision is expected to revive interest in Walther’s products among other potential clients, and we are eager to see if the Walther PDP will succeed in conquering new markets.


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