Rheinmetall showcases Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3 turret on an HX Trucks at BSDA 2024

Rheinmetall showcases Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3 turret on an HX Trucks at BSDA 2024

At the Black Sea Defense & Aerospace 2024, Rheinmetall introduces its latest advancement in air defense: the SkyneX system, which incorporates the Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3 turret mounted on an HX vehicle chassis. This system represents an advanced fusion of defense technologies designed to deliver a robust and effective solution against a variety of aerial threats.

The Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3 is a 35mm remote-controlled air defense cannon equipped with a tracking radar and an electro-optical sensor unit. Capable of processing target data from 3D or 2D search radars or higher order control systems, this autonomous system can engage targets quickly and with high precision thanks to its integrated fire control computer. The turret is equipped with the programmable Oerlikon Ahead air burst ammunition, optimized to effectively counter conventional and emerging aerial threats, including UAVs, rockets, artillery, and missiles.

The HX chassis, which supports the turret, is a high-level operational and logistic mobility platform known for its robustness and reliability. Designed for intense off-road use, this chassis enhances the flexibility and mobility of the SkyneX defense system, allowing for rapid integration and deployment across various terrains.

Rheinmetall, a giant in the German defense industry, has significantly expanded its footprint in Eastern Europe, particularly in Romania, where it plays a key role in strengthening the country’s military capabilities. In Romania, Rheinmetall has established strategic partnerships for the modernization of the armed forces, including upgrading armored vehicles and supplying advanced air defense systems. For instance, the company has been involved in supplying Skyshield air defense systems and has participated in the creation of a joint venture for the local manufacturing of the Agilis 8×8 armored transporter, reflecting its commitment to the development of Romania’s defense industry.

These initiatives extend beyond mere equipment supply to include technology transfers and the development of local defense infrastructure, underscoring Rheinmetall’s commitment to supporting Romania’s defense autonomy. These efforts are part of a broader strategy by the company to strengthen alliances in Eastern Europe and address the region’s growing security needs.

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