Chile Acquires French-Made Arquus Bastion 4×4 Armored Vehicles

Chile Acquires French-Made Arquus Bastion 4×4 Armored Vehicles

The Chilean government has announced the acquisition of two new Arquus Bastion 4×4 armored vehicles, which will be added to the four units already purchased with funds from the regional government of Biobío. This initiative aims to strengthen the operational capabilities of the Carabineros of Chile in the Biobío region.

Manuel Monsalve, Undersecretary of the Interior, confirmed the acquisition of these additional Bastion 4×4 armored vehicles and four Hunter TR-12 personnel transport vehicles from Armor International, Colombia. These acquisitions, including a drone with a flight autonomy of 10 hours, are estimated at approximately $8.3 million.

Monsalve highlighted that these new vehicles will provide greater security to the police personnel operating in the region, which has been under a state of emergency since May 2022. The Bastion vehicles will be purchased using both regional and central government funds, totaling 2,300 million pesos ($3 million) for four units from the regional budget and two from the central budget.

The Bastion 4×4 is an armored personnel carrier designed in France and used by several countries, including some in Africa like Senegal. Weighing 12,000 kg, this vehicle is designed to offer ballistic protection levels 1 to 3 according to NATO STANAG 4569 standards and anti-mine protection level 2a / 2b. It can be armed with various configurations, including a 12.7 mm machine gun mounted on a circular station, a swivel station for a 7.62 mm machine gun, or a 40 mm grenade launcher.

The Bastion 4×4 can reach a maximum speed of 110 km/h and has a range of 1,000 km, making it effective for long-duration missions and rapid deployment on the field. Its dimensions are 6.0 meters in length, 2.20 meters in width, and 2.40 meters in height, providing ample space for a crew of two plus eight passengers.

This vehicle is also equipped with several advanced accessories, such as a central tire inflation system, a fire support system, a self-protection system, and a front electric winch. These features enhance its versatility and capability to operate in challenging environments, thus ensuring the safety and protection of its crew and passengers.

The Undersecretary also detailed the acquisition of four Hunter TR-12 armored personnel carriers, each with a capacity of 12 people. These vehicles will complement the existing fleet and improve the operational capabilities of the Carabineros in the Southern Macrozone.

Regarding the drone, Monsalve announced that the acquisition process is underway. This unmanned aerial vehicle, costing 7,500 million pesos, has a flight autonomy of over 10 hours and a control range of 150 kilometers. It represents the most advanced drone technology used by police forces in Latin America.

The Hunter TR-12, produced by Armor International, is a high-specification tactical vehicle mounted on the International CV chassis by Navistar Defense. It can transport 12 people and weighs 10,205 kg. It is equipped with a 6,600 cc V8 turbo diesel engine, producing 350 horsepower, and offers Stanag Level II protection, with a V-shaped hull for blast protection. This vehicle features advanced off-road capabilities, providing excellent protection against weapons and improvised explosive devices.

Integrating these new armored vehicles and drone technology will significantly enhance the operational efficiency and safety of the Carabineros of Chile, providing them with reinforced capabilities to manage and respond to security challenges in the Biobío region and beyond.

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