Anduril invests $75 million in Mississippi rocket motor facility

Anduril invests $75 million in Mississippi rocket motor facility

Anduril Industries has announced a major expansion of its solid rocket motor production facility in McHenry, Mississippi.

The defense technology company is investing $75 million to significantly increase manufacturing capacity and create more than 60 new jobs by December 2024.

The expansion aims to address critical gaps in the U.S. supply of solid rocket motors, essential components for various tactical missile systems. This investment will boost Anduril’s production capacity from 600 to over 6,000 tactical-scale solid rocket motors annually, positioning the company as a leading independent supplier of these crucial components.

The Mississippi Solid Rocket Motor Complex, which spans 450 acres, will see extensive enhancements. The investment will fund the renovation of 92,000 square feet of factory space, incorporating advanced robotics and modular manufacturing systems. These upgrades are expected to streamline production, reduce costs, and improve the reliability of solid rocket motors.

Anduril’s innovative approach to solid rocket motor production involves a proprietary process that is faster, requires less manual labor, and is more efficient than traditional methods. The company also produces propulsion systems using ALITEC, a proprietary rocket fuel that delivers more energy per unit, enhancing the range, payload capacity, and speed of missile systems by up to 40%.

Anduril’s expansion will create over 60 highly skilled jobs in Stone County, Mississippi. The company is actively recruiting software and hardware engineers, machinists, chemists, manufacturing technicians, production managers, and supply chain specialists. This influx of new roles is expected to bolster the local economy and contribute to the region’s technological advancement.

The expansion reflects Anduril’s commitment to strengthening the U.S. defense industrial base and accelerating the development of capabilities vital to national security. The company combines modern software expertise with rapid hardware development to deliver next-generation, software-defined defense technologies. Anduril’s portfolio includes cutting-edge counter-drone systems, extra-large autonomous underwater vehicles, and now, significantly enhanced solid rocket motor production capabilities.

The Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) is supporting the project through the Mississippi Flexible Tax Incentive (MFLEX) program. Additionally, MDA is assisting with building and site improvements. Stone County and AccelerateMS are also providing support to ensure the project’s success.

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