France and Italy develop new version of SAMP/T

France and Italy develop new version of SAMP/T

France and Italy have jointly developed the SAMP/T NG system. This advanced system, originally designed to manage the ASTER family of munitions, now offers autonomous capabilities against ballistic missiles and a broad spectrum of air threats.

The SAMP/T NG integrates multifunction firing radars like the Thales Ground Fire and Leonardo Kronos Grand Mobile High Power. It can manage various launchers, including ASTER and SHORAD, and integrate seamlessly into NATO’s tactical control chain.

The SAMP/T NG, developed by Thales and MBDA Italia, represents a significant leap in air defense technology. Its open architecture allows for integration with multiple radars and weapon systems, enhancing its versatility and operational readiness. With the ability to manage up to six ASTER launchers and six SHORAD launchers, it provides robust protection against a range of threats, from drones to ballistic missiles.

The ME NG (Module of Engagement New Generation) is the system’s core, coordinating various radars and weapon systems based on a common hardware and software architecture. This ensures that the SAMP/T NG can meet national-specific requirements and maintain interoperability with NATO systems.

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