China develops new light tank for amphibious operations

China develops new light tank for amphibious operations

The Chinese defense industry is actively working on creating the next generation of light tanks, designed for operations in mountainous regions, amphibious landings, and dense urban environments.

This initiative aims to address the unique challenges posed by the border tensions with India and Taiwan, where traditional heavy tanks are less effective.

The new light tanks are being developed to meet the demands of high-altitude warfare, urban combat, and rapid deployment in amphibious operations. One prototype has already been spotted during trials, indicating progress in this ambitious project.

The new tank is expected to have a crew of two and will feature modular armor and active protection systems. It will also be equipped with a remotely operated weapon station and potentially a radar system for battlefield situational awareness.

There is speculation that components from the Chinese Type 15 light tank have been used in the development of this new vehicle.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has been seeking a lighter alternative to the ZTZ-99, aiming for a tank with a maximum weight of around 40 tons. This new development aligns with the PLA’s strategy to enhance its operational flexibility in various combat scenarios.

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