Estonian military to receive Turkish-made armored vehicles

Estonian military to receive Turkish-made armored vehicles

Estonian President Alar Karis recently visited Nurol Makina, a leading manufacturer in the Turkish defense industry.

During his visit, Karis was accompanied by a delegation that included Estonian Ambassador to Ankara Väino Reinart and Turkish Ambassador to Tallinn Başak Türkoğlu. They were received by Vice President of Defense Industry Mustafa Murat Şeker, Deputy Chairman of Nurol Holding Oğuz Çarmıklı, Board Member of Nurol Holding Gürol Çarmıklı, and Nurol Makina CEO Engin Aykol.

Karis toured the facilities and inspected various military vehicles, with particular focus on the YÖRÜK 4X4 (known internationally as the NMS 4X4), which has been produced for Estonia. Highlighting the importance of quick delivery times, Karis remarked on the increasing geopolitical and security tensions in their region.

In his speech, Karis said, “We chose Nurol Makina to meet our defense forces’ needs due to its high-quality products, durability, and swift delivery schedules.” He emphasized the significance of rapid delivery times, stating, “The geopolitical situation and security environment in our region have become more tense than they have been for decades.”

Referring to future security challenges, Karis stated, “Your products have been tested in combat. Turkey has extensive experience in modern warfare, and this is directly reflected in the development of your armored vehicles and military equipment. The war in Ukraine has shown the need to increase allied defense industry capacity, and Turkey is certainly a pioneer and role model with its innovative and capable defense industry. Additionally, we value the production of the Turkish defense industry because Turkey is an important NATO ally. Both Estonia and Turkey are at the forefront of NATO, and we understand what it means to face the alliance’s main threats directly. Therefore, I am confident that your vehicles will serve our defense forces well in protecting both our country and the alliance as a whole.”

Engin Aykol expressed pride in the visit, stating that Nurol Makina is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of 4X4 armored vehicles. He emphasized that the company focuses all its efforts on perfecting these vehicles, which are designed to meet the needs of different regions, particularly NATO countries.

Aykol noted that Nurol Makina serves more than 20 countries with over 1,700 vehicles that offer high mobility and protection, delivering superior performance and cost-effectiveness.

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