Ukraine test-fires advanced version of Skif ATGM

Ukraine test-fires advanced version of Skif ATGM

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Ukrainian State Design Bureau “Luch” from Kyiv successfully test fired its advanced Skif portable anti-tank guided missile (ATGM).

On 18 April, the Luch’s sosial media account said in a statement that an advanced version of Skif anti-tank guided missile (export version of the Stugna-P developed for Ukrainian Armed Forces) was successfully test-fired.

According to Luch, the new version of the SKIF portable anti-tank guided missile system has undergone a series of changes and improvements according to the requirements of the potential customer. Major changes were made for use launchers of the anti-tank guided missile system in conditions of soft soils and sand.
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Also, SKIF shall be equipped with new thermal sight, is designed for detection, recognition and identification of threats at longer ranges during day-night and adverse weather conditions. The missile itself has not changed since it was originally designed for use in all climatic and weather conditions, without exception, – said Defence-Blog military portal.

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