Sisu introduces new Sisu GTP 4×4 armored vehicle

Sisu introduces new Sisu GTP 4×4 armored vehicle

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Sisu Auto is a long standing supplier of armoured military trucks, and special vehicles. In early 1980’s Sisu Auto introduced an armoured personnel carrier, SISU Pasi, which still today is in operational use with numerous forces. In spite of the robust design and operational efficiency, the aging Pasi fleets are slowly reaching the end of their planned life-cycle. As an answer, Sisu Auto introduces a modern, modular armoured vehicle with performance exceeding the standard set by the predecessors, SISU GTP.

The vehicle is equipped with independent suspension system and differential locks in each wheel, providing SISU GTP with mobility characteristics that are necessary beyond the paved roads, in severe off-road terrain, whatever the operational environment might be. Payload of the vehicle in off-road conditions is, subject to the chosen protection level, up to 4500 kg.

SISU GTP covers a wide variety of operational roles. Separate Backbone and Crew Body structures result in unmatched versatility, enabling numerous variants for different operational uses, as well as easy maintainability even in field conditions. Interchangeable components and maintainability are also important factors in Life Cycle Support economy.

Sisu Auto has gained expertise of armouring solutions during the long history of armoured vehicle deliveries intended for the harshest operational duties. In addition to the vast number of SISU Pasi vehicles, armoured SISU 8×8 trucks are also field proven, serving currently in UN led operation in Lebanon, and already earlier in NATO led operation in Afghanistan. The crew survivability of SISU GTP is based on this expertise and knowledge. Modular vehicle structure allows operational-specific protection solutions: Protection level can be increased with an additional add-on kit or replacement components as necessary.

With the new SISU GTP, Sisu Auto is ready to respond when Mobility, Versatility and Survivability are operational requirements, and suitable vehicle solution is called for.

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