Newest Russian-made Kurganets IFV to be showcased at ARMY 2018

Newest Russian-made Kurganets IFV to be showcased at ARMY 2018

This summer, the Russian manufacturer will publicly unveil the newest Kurganets infantry fighting vehicle at the ARMY 2018 International Military and Technical Forum.

The new Kurganets-25 tracked IFV is designed for transporting personnel, increasing manoeuvrability of the troops, providing them with armament and protection on the battlefield. The new vehicle will replace existing IFVs which are in service with the Russian Armed Forces.

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The Kurganets-25 IFV is equipped with a remote controlled multi-purpose weapon station with the 30mm 2A42 automated gun with selective ammunition supply (ammo load – 500 rounds), the 7.62mm Kalashnikov modernized tank machine gun (ammo load – 2,000 rounds), and two twin launchers for Kornet ATGM.

A crew is three men strong. An assault crew compartment is designed for eight people.

The IFV is also equipped with the outside surveillance cameras. The vehicle is modular-constructed so its production can be facilitated and accelerated.

The Kurganets infantry fighting vehicle will be exhibited at the ARMY-2018 Forum available for all visitors of the event.


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