Advanced and proven Terma MASE pod family gains new members

Advanced and proven Terma MASE pod family gains new members

At the Farnborough International Airshow, Aerospace, Defense and Security provider Terma presents the Modular Aircraft Survivability Equipment (MASE) Pod for Light Attack and Rotary-Wing platforms in a new upgraded and cost-effective version that meets the needs of operators, OEMs, and international users for today and tomorrow.

When countries approach the need for self-protection on aircraft that have already been delivered to the operating nations, adding EW equipment quickly and cost effectively often leads to external pods becoming a natural solution with the following benefits:

  • No cutting of holes in the main body for sensors, etc.
  • Flexibility of mounting and un-mounting the EW Equipment as a single unit
  • Pods are mounted with stand-off from the main body of the fuselage and therefore produce good locations to minimize sensor blind spots and ease safe separation of expendables
  • A more consistently accurate interface for Sensor Orientations

The MASE Pod is developed for installation of role-fit solutions for a wide range of platforms. The pod can be configured to house the complete sensor and countermeasures suite, and as a consequence of the modular approach and design, the MASE Pod can configure to meet the operational needs e.g. Directed IR Countermeasures (DIRCM) turret, chaff/flare dispensers (CMDS), electronics and Missile Warning System (MWS) sensors in a small, lightweight, and rigid structure.

terma mase

Normally the MASE pod mounts to hard-points, installing a lightweight bespoke adapter without ejector-release unit for accurately aligned installation of the MASE pod, with a reasonable stand-off from the platform in order obtain good sensor and effector fields of coverage.

The open architecture is fully adaptable to any DIRCM, LWS, Missile Warning Sensor, as well as Terma or third party CMDS, which facilitates flexible options for stand-alone installations or as part of an Aircraft Survivability Equipment system.

By using proven structures, we ensure that cost efficiency and low risk integration is paramount. Our objective is to ensure that our customers and user community benefit from the latest technology at the lowest acquisition price, including through-life costs at a fraction of our competitors’ systems. MASE Pods are a compelling solution.

Terma has delivered 2,500+ combat-proven EW installations, including mounting structures, for 25+ aircraft types, both rotary and fixed wing. In-service installations include the CH-47, CH-147, AH-64, AS532, EH-101, NH-90 as well as P-8A, F-16, C-130s, and the IOMAX Archangel aircraft.

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