Rostec has demonstrated a “space” parachute for the first time

Rostec has demonstrated a “space” parachute for the first time

Rostec has held the first demonstration of the “space” parachute system designed for Federation, a promising spacecraft. The test drop took place on July 26 at the Kirzhach airfield when opening a new production line of the Scientific Research Institute of Parachute Construction, part of Technodinamika Holding.

The main triple canopy parachute of Federation will have a surface area of more than 3.6 thousand square meters. It can carry a spacecraft weighing up to 9 tons and provide its drop from a height of several kilometers.

“Rostec has a significant research and technological groundwork to provide the Federation with a wide range of developments – composite products, radio electronic components, parachutes and much more. The spacecraft parachute system has a very complex design and is currently under test. In total, 28 drops are planned, and testing with a full-scale mockup of the spacecraft weighing 9 tons will be performed in 2019,” – said Igor Nasenkov, CEO of Technodinamika.


According to the project, the parachute system is to be dropped at a height of 4.5 thousand meters. First, Federation will open the pilot chute, then the triple canopy main one.

The promising transport spacecraft Federation is a reusable manned spacecraft intended to replace the Soyuz series manned spacecrafts and Progress series automatic cargo spacecrafts. It is developed by S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. The spacecraft is expected to deliver people and cargo to low earth orbit as well as to the Moon. The number of crew members will be up to six.

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