Kazakhstan starts digitalization program in defence industry

Kazakhstan starts digitalization program in defence industry

Currently, Kazakhstan Engineering NC JSC defense enterprises are practically implementing the Digital Kazakhstan State Program.

The digitalization of production processes is being actively introduced; the range of manufactured products is expanding with the use of new technologies; a set of measures for export orientation of domestic products is being implemented.

Kazakhstan Aselsan engineering LLP has created the Department of scientific research and development works, using the Zemax and AltiumDesigner software for the full development cycle from design to product production and testing. In addition, the plant uses the following advanced technologies:

  • CNC machines for metalworking and simulation of mechanical loads;
  • 3D printing based on Solidworks software;
  • Automated lathes and milling machines HAAS VF5 and CCI30.

Zenit plant has purchased automated blank plasma and flame cutting, eliminating the issuance of paper engineering documentation. A system of automated planning and monitoring of products are developed and implemented.

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Kazakhstan Aviation Industry LLP has started automation of design and technological preparation of production. The design documentation using which production of equipment and auxiliary products is carried out was developed in a digital format.

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering plant develops armored vehicles from scratch-from cutting armor plates and building armored capsules to finished products using new technologies. Another important element is the Design Office, with which the design of equipment can be changed so that it meets the specific tasks of customers. It was the Design Office that created the innovative mechanical tower to be installed on Arlan vehicle.

The automated systems into operation is also implemented at other enterprises: Tynys JSC, PZTM JSC, Plant named after S. M. Kirov JSC (Petropavlovsk), Semey Engineering JSC, etc.

To date, the Company is developing an Action Plan for the further digitalization of the defense enterprises and is considering the introduction of ERP system. This system will allow us to keep a detailed account for the central office and optimize the production.

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