MODIAR starts production of HP-7.62 assault machine gun

MODIAR starts production of HP-7.62 assault machine gun

Azerbaijan has started the serial production of the HP-7.62 type assault machine gun with a caliber of 7.62 x 54 mm, developed at an enterprise of the Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan (MODIAR) reported.

The assault machine gun, which was presented in September this year during the third international defense exhibition, ADEX 2018, was developed by local experts and passed tests successfully.

The assault machine gun is designed to destroy the enemy manpower in short-range battles, as well as damage the enemy weaponry.


The HP-7.62 machine gun can fire from both a bipod rack and a tripod mount. The barrel of the machine gun has an external finning and is enclosed in a metal casing in order to remove heat. The design of the machine gun provides a telescoping stock and fore-stock grip for shooting while moving. The Picatinny rail allows mounting sights (optical, collimator) and other auxiliary devices, including tactical lights, laser pointers.

The machine gun belts are packed in cartridge boxes of various capacities. The conventional (heavy) 7.62 mm bullets, tracer (T-46M), armor-piercing incendiary (B-32), explosive bullets (PZ), as well as blank cartridges can be used for firing.

The machine gun’s rate of fire is 650-750 rounds per minute, the combat fire rate is 250 rounds per minute, the weight is 8.6 kilograms. It can be used in any weather condition within the temperature range of ±50 ºC.

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