Lazar-3 armoured fighting vehicle

Lazar-3 armoured fighting vehicle

20 December Serbian Armed Forces Lazar-3 armoured fighting vehicle admitted to armament.

Lazar 3 is an armored 8×8 wheeled vehicle designed for various applications and missions.
The power train is accommodated in the front right-side of the vehicle in a protected space completely separated from the crew. The central transfer case transmits the torque to all wheels that have independent suspension and provide for the vehicle’s high mobility. All the shafts provide power, while the first two steer the wheels.

The number of the crew depends on the type of a mission and the weapons used in the vehicle. When the vehicle is equipped with the remote control weapon station (RCWS), the vehicle should be manned with 12 troops (commander, driver, gunner + 9 soldiers), while the version with a turret would be manned with one soldier less.

Dimensions and weight

  • Length: 7920mm
  • Width: 2950mm
  • Height (without turret): 2320mm
  • Clearance: 420mm
  • Approach angle: 45°
  • Departure angle: 38°
  • Wheel base: 2530mm
  • Spacing between axles: 1500mm-1800mm-1450mm
  • Engine space: 5m³
  • Crew space: 15m³
  • Combat weight (depending of mission and protection): 24-26t
  • Max. weight: 28t
  • Maximum speed: 110 km/h
  • Gradient: 60 %
  • Side slope: 30 %
  • Vertical obstacles: max 0.55 m
  • Trench: 2 m
  • Turning radius: 11,5 m
  • Fording: 1.6 m

Additional protection (at the request of the user)

  • All-around ballistic protection level 4 Stanag 4569
  • Ballistic protection of the vehicle front level 5 Stanag 4569

Basic protection

  • All-around ballistic protection level 3 Stanag 4569
  • Ballistic protection of the vehicle front level 3+ Stanag 4569
  • Anti-mine protection levels 3a and 3b Stanag 4569



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