Russia exports Mi-171A2 transport helicopter for first time

Russia exports Mi-171A2 transport helicopter for first time

Russia has delivered a Mil Mi-171A2 transport helicopter to the first foreign customer in Kazakhstan. The rotorcraft is undergoing acceptance/delivery procedures, Russian Helicopters Group CEO Andrei Boginsky said on Tuesday.

“The helicopter has been delivered to the customer and the acceptance/delivery procedures are underway. This delivery paves the way for the international ‘career’ of the Mi-171A2, which promises to be outstanding,” the press office of the rotorcraft manufacturer quoted the chief executive as saying. Mil Mi 171A2 at the MAKS 2013 01 e1549996935320

The contract for the delivery of the Mi-171A2 chopper was signed back in 2017. The rotorcraft is a modified version of the Mi-8/17 helicopter with new engines, the digital control system, the improved aerodynamic airfoil and an effective rotor system with composite blades.

As the chief executive specified, the helicopter can be used in severe climatic conditions.

“With its modern avionics, this helicopter is suited for its operation in adverse weather and climatic conditions. I am confident that our first foreign customer will soon be able to assess the advantages of this helicopter in full,” Boginsky said.

The Mi-171A2 can develop a cruise and maximum speed that is 10% higher than the speed of the Mi-8/17. The company plans to deliver another Mi-171A2 helicopter to India by the end of the year.


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