UkrOboronProm unveils improved version of T-64 tank

UkrOboronProm unveils improved version of T-64 tank

UkrOboronProm, has unveiled an improved version of the T-64 main battle tank.

On 11 February, the UkrOboronProm has released footage shows a new version of T-64 main battle tank, that was developed by the UOP SE Kharkiv Armored Plant.

The Ukrainian State Concern UkrOboronProm released video of a demonstration of running and firing capabilities of a new version of T-64 , adding that improved tank equipped with a new thermal imager, passive armour, digital radio, and navigation unit.

“During upgrading, modern night vision devises with an electro-optical system of the third generation is integrated into the combat vehicle,” said in a statement.

According to a statement, cost-effective upgrade package envisages the installation of new sensors and armour including a satellite navigation unit by the UOP SE “Orizon-Navigation”, thermal imaging surveillance devices of Ukrainian production for all crew members, third-generation electro-optical vision systems and modern blocks of passive armour package.

The company added that the new devices do not require changes in the design of the tank and are installed on a regular fixture and are connected to the tank electricity supply without changes.

Also, the tank is equipped with new digital radio “Lybid-K 2RB” – providing a secure connection from interference and interception of communications at distances up to 70km. / Defence Blog

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