Iran unveils two new radar systems

Iran unveils two new radar systems

The radar and navigation aid systems of Moein 40 and Nasser 40 were unveiled in the presence of Khatamulanbia Air Defense Commander Ali-Reza Sabahibard.

The Iranian Army’s Public Relations Department said Moein 40 radar is a passive radar system with the capability of detecting and tracking targets in urban space.


Moein 40 is a navigating system which asks for the information of the flying aircraft, not from the pilot, but from the aircraft system itself. The range of the radar is 400 kilometers, and the system meets the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and is capable of detecting the geographical location of targets.

Moein has an altimeter to measure altitude and precisely locate the targets, while it also has the capability to exchange targets and the exchange of information with other radar systems of the country. It could be used for military and trade purposes.

He added that the radar system was designed and produced by Khatamulanbia Air Defense Headquarters, affiliated to the Self-sufficiency Jihad Organization, in cooperation with the Scientific and Technology Department of Presidential Office.

The system is capable of detecting and targeting drones and cruise missiles in urban space and around.

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