Upgraded NSVP-12.7 Utyos from ZKMK

Upgraded NSVP-12.7 Utyos from ZKMK

JSC West Kazakhstan Machine Building Company (ZKMK) offers an upgraded version of the NSVP- 12.7 Utyos heavy machine gun.

nsvp 2 e1555498015724According to the ZKMK expert, who informed about the improvements on NSVP-12.7 Utyos machine guns, as a result of upgrading the gun considering the experience and approach of servicemen disassembling or assembling the weapon in a short time of period – within seconds was ensured. Moreover, the bipod of the gun was changed.

An updated 6T7 bipod allows the soldier to shoot both on the knee and on the lane. Design upgrading did not have a negative impact on the accuracy of the shot. Kicking of weapons has also been significantly reduced as a result of the applied changes. NSVP-12.7 machine gun in positively differs from the Kord machine gun, which has been built on the basis of this weapon, from standpoint of weaker kicking, ergonomics, and convenience of carrying.

nsvp 1 e1555498005448Note that the start speed of the NSVP-12.7 machine gun using 12.7×108 mm cartridges is 860 m/sec; the shooting rate is 700-780 shooting/minute. The length of the machine gun is 1975 mm, its barrel’s length is 870 mm, its weight is 25 kg, and the weight of the bipod is 22 kilograms.

The NSVP-12.7 machine gun can be fitted with all optical sights designed for heavy-duty guns. The weight of the ammunition box with 50 cartridges does not exceed 11 kilograms.

Note that ZKMK in its official catalog announced that has the opportunity to release 8 modifications of the NSV machine gun.

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