France orders RTX mobile air traffic control system

France orders RTX mobile air traffic control system

France has become the latest international customer for RTX’s advanced Mobile Air Traffic Control System, as announced by the company on June 17, 2024.

This acquisition signifies a step forward in enhancing France’s air traffic management capabilities, especially in operational environments that require rapid deployment and flexibility.

The RTX Mobile Air Traffic Control System is designed to provide robust and reliable air traffic management in various settings, including military and disaster response operations. Its modular design and state-of-the-art technology enable quick setup and operation in diverse and challenging environments.

The decision to acquire this system underscores France’s commitment to maintaining high standards of air traffic control and management. The mobile system will enhance the country’s ability to manage air traffic efficiently, ensuring safety and coordination during both routine operations and emergencies.

RTX’s Mobile Air Traffic Control System is renowned for its flexibility, allowing it to be deployed in remote locations and integrated seamlessly with existing infrastructure. This acquisition is expected to improve the operational readiness of France’s air traffic control services, providing a crucial tool for both national security and humanitarian missions.

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