Kongsberg unveils NOMADS air defense system

Kongsberg unveils NOMADS air defense system

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has launched its new NOMADS (Networked and Mobile Air Defense System) at Eurosatory 2024.

The system integrates advanced sensors, effectors, and command and control (C2) units to provide rapid and flexible air defense against various aerial threats.

The NOMADS system is designed for mobility and can be quickly deployed to protect critical assets and forces on the move. It features a modular architecture that supports seamless integration with existing defense networks, ensuring interoperability with allied forces.

The system’s C2 unit allows for real-time threat assessment and engagement coordination, enhancing situational awareness and response effectiveness.

NOMADS leverages Kongsberg’s expertise in advanced defense technology, incorporating state-of-the-art sensors and effectors to detect and neutralize threats such as drones, helicopters, and low-flying aircraft. The system is engineered to operate in diverse environments, providing robust protection for military and civilian infrastructure.

Kongsberg’s new air defense solution addresses the growing need for flexible and scalable air defense systems capable of countering evolving threats in modern combat scenarios.


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