The Lithuanian Armed Forces is buying anti-UAV equipment

The Lithuanian Armed Forces is buying anti-UAV equipment

In the second half of April the Ministry of National Defence and the United States Government signed a sales contract for buying protective equipment (anti-drone) against unmanned aerial vehicles for the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

LİT US e1556270136432The total worth of the contract is approx. USD 1.3 million not including VAT. It will be financed by the U.S. Department of State security assistance program in full. It has been agreed in the contract that the anti-drone equipment will be delivered to units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces by the middle of 2020.

The Lithuania Armed Forces will use the anti-AEV equipment to solve the issue of more and more drones flown over forbidden territories. The anti-drone equipment is effective against standard commercial use or modified unmanned aerial vehicles. The equipment cuts off the communication between the drone and its operator thus disabling its control, also, it can block navigation system signals.

At the moment the Ministry of National Defence is in negotiations on procuring 200 JLTV armoured all-terrain vehicles from the United States Government for the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Lithuania has already bought from the U.S. anti-aircraft missiles, Javelin anti-tank systems, communication systems and ammunition. In its turn, the United States has invested considerably in military training areas and other infrastructure in Lithuania, finances studies of Lithuanian soldiers and specialists at U.S. military schools, etc., under security assistance programs in Lithuania.

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