Azerbaijan Army started a large-scale operational-tactical exercises

by Zaur Babashov | Tuesday, May 21, 2019 | 1369 views

The large-scale operational-tactical exercises involving various types of troops, Army Corps and formations of the Azerbaijan Army started from 20th of May.

The main topic of the exercises is to repel the enemy’s attack at night by delivering counterstrikes to him in various directions, and the launching an offensive operation by our troops.

The exercises involved up to 10,000 military personnel, 150 tanks, and other armored vehicles, up to 200 rocket and artillery mounts of different caliber, multiple launch rocket systems, and mortars, up to 35 aircraft and helicopters.

In the course of the live-fire exercises to be held at various training ranges at nighttime, in a difficult relief and electronic environment, tasks will be performed to organize interoperability among tank, aviation, artillery military units and other combat elements, to use landing and special maneuvering forces in the depth of defense the enemy, the improvement of management skills, as well as issues of moral-psychological support of military personnel.

All actions will be carried out with the provision of accurate interaction of the troops involved in the exercises, especially at night and in difficult climatic conditions.

The exercises will last until May 24.

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