Indra provides the Oman with an advanced state-of the art air defense system

Indra provides the Oman with an advanced state-of the art air defense system

Indra has completed the deployment of the state-of-the-art AIRDEF air defense system , which is a comprehensive system composed of several components, that protects the interests  of the Sultanate of Oman.

Indra Lanza Mobile 3D Radar e1559067457538The system facilitates to the Oman Air Force the planning, execution and monitoring of military missions, as well as the monitoring and identification of cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft in the airspace under its sovereignty, providing a fully integrated approach.

The system merges intelligence data as well as data from other sources to provide an integrated view of the air situation. Its revolutionary interface incorporates data presentation tools that facilitate the functions of each operator.

It also has the most advanced functionalities required by the most advanced Armed Forces in the world, and meets the requirements set by higher level organizations, including those for NATO ACCS systems.

Furthermore, the Indra family of radars have proven to be very effective operating in some of the most complex conflict scenarios and adverse environments with strong disturbances.

The company has successfully exported them to countries on five continents and, at this time, they cover air defense throughout Southwest Europe under the command of the Atlantic Alliance. In the last decade, these have been the long-range radars chosen by NATO in all fixed (FADR) and deployable (DADR) configurations tenders that have been made public.

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