Iran unveils Khordad air defense system

Iran unveils Khordad air defense system

Iran’s Defense Ministry on Sunday unveiled a new home-made advanced air defense system enabling to simultaneously hit six high-altitude targets.

khordad e1560147662240In a special ceremony and in the presence of Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami the new air defense system named “the 15th of Khordad” was unveiled, – told İRNA news agency.

“The ’15th of Khordad’ air defense system has been designed and developed by our experts and will be able to simultaneously intercept and hit six flying objects at the same time,” Brigadier General Hatami said

The Iranian defense minister said that the advanced system can go into operation in less than five minutes and can track targets such as jet fighters and combat drones within a range of 150 kilometers and intercept them within a range of 120 kilometers.

The new defense system can also intercept stealth targets within a range of 85km, and destroy them in a 45km range.

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