Ka-52 attack helicopter may get new long-range missile

Ka-52 attack helicopter may get new long-range missile

Russia’s Ka-52 attack helicopter may receive a new long-range missile developed for the Mi-28NM gunship, CEO of Russian Helicopters rotorcraft manufacturer (part of the state hi-tech corporation Rostec) Andrei Boginsky told TASS on Tuesday.

ka52 e1562166064958“Now that this has been implemented for the Mi-28, this is an issue of standardization. Technically, this is possible. If such a task is set, we will be working on that in cooperation with Rostec enterprises,” Boginsky said, replying to a question of whether there were plans to arm the Ka-52 with the new missile that was undergoing trials aboard the Mi-28NM.

Russian Helicopters Group is implementing the policy of standardizing its attack helicopters, the chief executive said.

“The task is to standardize radio-electronic equipment, the arms control system and the armament itself so that both our Defense Ministry and foreign customers have the possibility of a choice,” the chief executive said.

In the process of the Ka-52’s modernization, following the results of its use in the Syrian military campaign, Russian specialists “improved the helicopter’s optoelectronic system, which boosted the gunship’s range of detecting and identifying targets day and night,” the Russian Helicopters chief executive said. The Ka-52’s endurance to stay far from aerodromes was also improved, he added.

In its footage aired on June 23, the Defense Ministry’s Zvezda TV Channel showed the tests of a new long-range missile being developed for Mi-28NM gunships.

A source in the domestic defense ministry told TASS in March that a missile codenamed ‘item 305″ had been developed for the Mi-28NM helicopter. The missile was designated to destroy the armor and reinforced concrete fortifications and had a range capability of over 25 km.

The missile flies towards its target using the data of the onboard inertial navigation system and its homing warhead is activated at the final stage of the missile’s trajectory. Another source told TASS at the time that the missile had undergone tests in Syria together with its launch vehicle.

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