British Army buys 500 Boxer armoured vehicles

British Army buys 500 Boxer armoured vehicles

The Defence Secretary has announced that a £2.8bn deal has been signed to provide the British Army with around 500 new armoured vehicles.

Funding has been approved for the Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) programme to deliver around 500 Boxer armoured vehicles and form part of the Army’s Strike brigades.

The Boxer can be deployed around the world to deliver soldiers around the battlefield, travelling long distances quickly, cross country, under enemy fire and in the most austere of environments. It is modular by design, meaning that the same vehicle base platform can be quickly reconfigured with different modules to fill different roles. Initially the Army will buy a troop-carrying variant, an ambulance, a command vehicle and a specialist carrier.

The UK announced in 2018 that it would re-join the Boxer programme within the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation and explore options to equip the Army with the 8×8 troop carriers to modernise its vehicle fleet and meet the Army’s Mechanised Infantry Vehicle requirement.

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