ATE-Engineering present automated testing systems of UHF devices

ATE-Engineering present automated testing systems of UHF devices

Belarussian company ATE-Engineering LLC present new automated testing systems of UHF devices.

An automated workstation (AWS RBA) allows you to monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot blocks of complex electronic equipment, including but not limited those operating at high and ultra-high frequencies. Today we can offer both stationary and mobile workstations, our equipment has been tested in different countries, it sustain with ease long-distance transportation and extreme weather conditions.

AWS RBA 0The hardware-software complex is capable of stimulating a set of continuous and pulsed signals with various types of modulation with a carrier frequency band up to 18 GHz, and it is also able to modulate attenuation and introduce a calibrated program-controlled attenuation into the reference signal received from the unit under test and return it to the signal input of the unit under test. In addition, the complex is capable of automatically generating low-frequency signals for controlling the modes of the unit under test, as well as measuring the parameters of the signals and automatically checking their compliance with the range of acceptable values.

In addition to supplying multi-purpose workstations AWS, we are ready to implement the solution especially made for your purposes. If you have a certain nomenclature of devices and units for testing, it is possible to take into account many details, to ensure the optimal ratio of functionality and material costs. ATE-engineering can develop control devices, devices for generating and analyzing signals that are able to automatically simulate the work of the unit under test inside the system. It is possible to develop automated testing programs (techniques).

The area of use:
• at the repair and maintenance stations,
• at the warehouses and arsenals,
• at the places of use and maintenance,
• at the manufacture plant (final inspection).

The conditions of use:
• stationary workshop;
• mobile workshop (installation in KUNG (universal watertight body-van);
• movable mobile workshop (several protected cases with weight no more than 60 kg, deployment time is no more than 30 minutes).

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