AvtoKrAZ supplies KrAZ-63221 chassis for the latest radar stations and AMCP installation

AvtoKrAZ supplies KrAZ-63221 chassis for the latest radar stations and AMCP installation

On the basis of KrAZ-63221 chassis produced by the domestic manufacturer, the Research and Production Enterprise “Aerotechnika-MLT” LLC installs MARS-L-band mobile combined radar stations, upgraded PRV-16MA mobile radio altimeters, “Module” automated mobile command posts (AMCP), P-18MA (P-180U) long-range ground-based mobile radar stations, the meter wavelength range.

The MARS-L-band mobile combined radar station is a ground-based mobile radar that implements the principle of joint operation of primary and secondary location channels. This makes it possible to increase the detection range and the accuracy of determining the coordinates of aerial objects significantly. And the availability of additional information about an aircraft (its board number, current altitude, fuel reserve, the state of on-board systems etc.) increases flight safety significantly and reduces the probability of accidental damage to civil aviation by air defense systems.

The upgraded mobile radio altimeter PRV-16MA operates in the centimeter wave range and is designed to detect and determine automatically the flight altitude of targets using external target designation from the combined radar, to determine the elevation angle of the jammer, and provide radar information to consumers in ASTERIX format.

The “Module” automated mobile command post (AMCP) is the main element of the C4I level (automated computer control, monitoring and communication system) air defense system. It is designed to collect, process and display data automatically from radar positions and radio altimeters as well as to send generalized air situation information to the top level command posts.

The P-18MA (P-180U) long-range ground-based mobile radar station, the meter wavelength range provides data reception from other radars and radio altimeters; the exchange of radar information occurs through the provided data exchange channels in the balanced link-access protocol.

All-wheel drive KrAZ-63221 chassis trucks were chosen as the base, taking into account their wide installation potential, high weight parameters and cross-country ability. This is a unique transport base for the pontoon-bridge parks, vehicle workshops, various engineering equipment – fuel tanker trucks, tank trucks, cranes.

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