Serbia presented new M-20 MRAP 6×6 armoured fighting vehicle

Serbia presented new M-20 MRAP 6×6 armoured fighting vehicle

The Ministy of Defence of Serbia presentation of the characteristics and capabilities of the new M-20 MRAP 6×6 armoured fighting vehicle in the plant of the “Zastava TERVO” company.

The Assistant Minister for Material Resources of Serbia, Nenad Miloradovic, pointed out that the M-20 6×6 vehicle is a key factor for ensuring protected mobility of the Serbian Armed Forces’ Infantry, and its implementation is envisaged through two families of wheeled armoured fighting vehicles of domestic production. m20

The first family is already known, these are “Lazar” and “Miloš” vehicles that are based on automotive components with independent suspension produced by world’s top manufacturers and they are in the class of combat vehicles that are generally used in the Western European armed forces. The second family is based on reliable, robust automotive components produced by our FAP. These are 6×6 vehicles like this one, and 4×4 vehicles. It is a very high quality dependent suspension system produced by FAP, under the Mercedes licence, and the rest of the components are also of top quality – Miloradovic explained, adding that equipping the armed forces with vehicles from the second family costs significantly less, and that a much larger number of vehicles can be produced in the same time frame and with the same funds.

When it comes to the level of vehicle protection, Miloradovic points out that the achieved quality is the result of joint work of engineers from the Military Technical Institute, Zastava TERVO and FAP, and that he is satisfied with the results achieved, more precisely with the spacious interior that provides great comfort for the crew that is transported in it, 3 plus 9 soldiers.

It is a 6×6 armoured fighting vehicle of the MRAP type (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) and it was constructed on the FAP’s 2228 chassis platform which is used in our armaments. Will be used depending on the purpose that the vehicle will have in the Serbian Armed Forces.

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