Nigerian Police gets Elistair Orion UAVs against terrorist groups

by Zaur Babashov | Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022 | 367 views

Following the delivery of the UAVs and the training of the police forces in Abuja at the beginning of 2022, the tethered drones are now deployed on a daily basis for homeland security, anti-crime and anti-terrorism missions. Through using the Orions, the Police have already successfully identified armed terrorist groups thanks to the ability to discretely observe and detect threats over a radius of several kilometers, during 24-hour flights.

Deployable in minutes and easily transportable, the Orion allows operators to quickly create a discreet checkpoint, over several hours, and with a minimal logistic footprint.

Elistair, co-founded by Guilhem de Marliave and Timothée Penet in 2014, with branches in Lyon, Boston and Abidjan, designs and manufactures tethered drone solutions for tactical observation and civil protection missions. Elistair products are used by armed forces, law enforcement, civil security and private security in over 70 countries.

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