BAE Systems enhances APKWS II range by 30%

by Zaur Babashov | Monday, Aug 16, 2021 | 285 views

BAE Systems has disclosed development of the APKWS Block Upgrade – a software upgrade to the AGR-20A Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II (APKWS II) 70 mm/2.75 in rocket guidance kit designed to enhance the effective range of the weapon system by means of an improved flight trajectory.

“APKWS block upgrade guidance kits create an optimised flight trajectory that enables the rocket to engage targets at a steeper angle of attack, providing improvements in range and lethality. The optimised attack trajectory improves first-shot success against stationary and moving targets,” BAE Systems said in a statement.

“The maximum publicly stated range is 5+ km for APKWS rockets fired from rotary-wing platforms and 12+ km for APKWS rockets fired from fixed-wing platforms,” APKWS programme manager Samantha Kirsh told Janes. “The Block Upgrade guidance kit extends the range by up to 30% via an improved flight trajectory,” Kirsh added.

The APKWS Block upgrade will enhance the effective range of the APKWS weapon system by up to 30% and create a single variant qualified for rotary-wing and fixed-wing platforms. (BAE Systems)

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