Milipol 2021: Scopex displays Ghost Robotics Vision 60 Q-UGV

Milipol 2021: Scopex displays Ghost Robotics Vision 60 Q-UGV

Scopex is a partner of internationally renowned manufacturers, with whom it maintains relationships based on the promotion of excellent products and customer satisfaction. This year at Milipol 2021, they showcase various products, including the Vision 60 Q-UGV, a dog-like robot by Ghost Robotics.

5aad3493 5557 4059 b362 3a261d89f92fThe Vision 60 (Q-UGV) is a semi-autonomous, agile, enduring and resistant quadrupedal ground drone. It is intended to ensure the surveillance of buildings, warehouses and sensitive sites of medium size.

The Vision 60 robot is designed to patrol sensitive sites and inside buildings. It transmits in real time any anomaly or alert to the security post.

It quickly adapts to new environments with its exclusive blind-mode control system that mimics the way animals operate in a variety of urban and natural environments.
It can be equipped with different options, such as an arm to open doors, or different sensors (gas, etc.)

Benefits of Legs vs. Wheels ?

Simply put, legs outperform wheeled and tracked unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) at smaller scale on unstructured terrain: uneven surfaces, debris fields, the great outdoors, stairs and even verticals. Legs are not only good at traversing complex terrains, but they have greater agility and endurance, and substantially improve user acceptance if designed well. But the complexity to build a low-cost, durable and agile legged robots has been insurmountable to-date.

Fast and Agile. Up to 1.6 m/s (5.2 ft./sec) fast-walk; 2 m/s run and eventually 3 meters/sec sprinting

Long Endurance. 8 – 10 hrs. mixed use and 21 hrs. standby. Travel 7.5 miles in 3 hrs. on single charge

Any Terrain. Traverse a range of unstructured terrains and substrates, and even stairs

Unstoppable. Designed to self-right from any immobilization, and even operate when inverted

Very Robust. “Blind Locomotion” over unstructured terrain, sensing forces through the motors even with reduced or complete loss of vision sensing

Tele-Op. Any controller or Ghost Mobile Android w/ dual joystick. Support for DoD IOP/JAUS and ATAK

Object Avoidance. Ghost or 3rd party safeguard avoidance AI under tele-op and autonomy modes

Autonomous. Ad-hoc or persistent autonomy using cameras or LIDAR. Wireless charging option

GPS-Denied Use. Odometry and sensor fusion for accurate GPS-denied positioning

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