Ukraine’s new intelligence-gathering drone took to the sky for the first time

Ukraine’s new intelligence-gathering drone took to the sky for the first time

On December 27, Defense Express reported that Ukraine’s intelligence-gathering version of the PD-2 unmanned aircraft system (UAS) has begun its flight test program.

The new electronic intelligence (ELINT) gathering unmanned aircraft is called the Gekata and was developed by the Ukrainian military-electronics specialist Infozahyst LLC.

The main element of the Gekata system is a 10-kilogram suite with radio reconnaissance equipment, which is installed on the PD-2 drone. According to the developers, the whole complex consists of a ground control station and six drones with Gekata electronic intelligence/communications intelligence suite.

20211223 125156 1068x801 1As noted by the company, the Gekata is a UAS-based ELINT complex designed for the searching, detection, classifying and identifying signal pulses from the radar stations, electronic warfare support measures, anti-craft warfare, and airplanes. Complex determines the operation modes and areas of reconnaissance, based on the principles of active radar, it also denotes their characteristics.

Infozahyst says the Gekata could detect and recognize radio signals from the terrestrial targets, surface targets, air targets (including over-the-horizon targets) in the real-time mode.

The new drone-based ELINT system will open a completely new level of opportunities for the military, according to the company’s officials.

In addition, earlier in April 2021, the company Chief Executive Officer Yaroslav Kalinin has told Defense Express that Infozahyst received 2 million euros of foreign investment to develop the Gekata intelligence-gathering complex.

“An important condition of this investment is that it is not the purchase of a company or exclusive product rights. This money was allocated for completing and testing of the development. After which we will be able to supply it to the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine or other countries. Therefore, to accelerate development, we are expanding and looking for specialists who are able to solve non-trivial problems in the field of ELINT and IT, because we are going to create a unique domestic product that changes the rules of the game”, – said Yaroslav Kalinin.

“By placing 10-kg containers with equipment on several UAVs, we create a mobile reconnaissance network that begins to perform the same functions as bulky ground complexes. But now we do not depend on the features of the terrain, that is, we can look into every meter of the enemy’s positions at a great distance outside his means of destruction. In fact, with the help of a network of drones, we do what AWACS aircraft are used for”, – the head of the company said.

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