Portugal commissions new rescue boat

by Zaur Babashov | Tuesday, Apr 26, 2022 | 294 views

The Portuguese Navy commissioned its first new Vigilante II-class L150-SV high-speed search-and-rescue boat on 21 April.

The new boat, named Patrão Cego do Maio, was built by the Portuguese state-owned shipyard, Arsenal do Alfeite. It will operate from the northern coastal city of Póvoa do Varzim.

Patrão Cego do Maio features a hull made of fibre-reinforced composites. It has a displacement of 21 tonnes, with an overall length of 15.5 m and a 4.3 m beam. It has a top speed of 30 kt and a range of 150 n miles. The boat carries a crew complement of four and can accommodate an additional 12 personnel.

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